Meet our team
C Sparks Firearm Safety Training
is a group of instructors that are passionate about teaching people how to shoot, improve their abilities, and give back to the industry.

Chuck Sparks – Owner, Lead Instructor
I was introduced to shooting as a kid by my dad. Guns were always in the home. You learned to respect what they were and what they could do. They are a tool to hunt and put food on the table, protect your family, and practice and use for competition. When he moved out of state my desire to hunt ended. I shared the shooting of shotguns with my kids and my wife. When they became adults my wife and I found out we both enjoyed shooting together and started doing 3 Gun Shoots, Glock Shoots, and just time at the range together. I was an instructor at work and found I enjoyed training adults at work. Found out about NRA Instructors and started my journey.  My goal is to teach people how to shoot and enjoy the sport and to help shooters become great instructors to share their information to teach people how to shoot and enjoy the sport. I volunteer to help with Women On Target events and lead a .22lr rifle shoot at Desert Marksmen Rifle and Pistol Club so people can learn how to shoot and have fun. 
Certifications: NRA Instructor/Training Counselor (RSO, CRSO, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, & Refuse To Be A Victim), USCCA Instructor (Concealed Carry & Home Defence, Emergency First Aid Fundamentals, & Countering The Mass Shooter Threat), CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Hunter Education Instructor, & CA DOJ Firearms Safety Certificate Instructor.


Cheri Sparks: Owner, Instructor Pistol
Cheri started her shooting adventure by being the Range Mom. She would go shooting with her family, pack the lunch and take pictures. She only liked shooting “the carnival guns” (.22lr rifles).  In 2015 she bought her own pistol a Sig Sauer P238, which started her adventure. She now enjoys shooting 3 Gun Fun Shoots, Glock Girl Shoots, and instructing. Her passion is to get women to shoot. There is a fear when it comes to handling a gun. Safety is the number one concern and women want to know how to make it safe. Cheri focuses on how to clear a firearm (how to remove the magazine, rack the slide back and lock open, check the chamber to make sure it is empty). When women know that process it gives them the power to be safe. Then she works on how to shoot and how that can help you defend yourself. When not doing her full-time job as a school teacher one of her other passions is firearms instruction.
Certification: NRA Pistol, Range Safety Officer


Jeff Q: Instructor Pistol
Firearms and security services have been part of Jeff Quebral’s family culture since 1962.  His grandparents founded a security agency in the Philippines that equipped corporations, private companies, and entities with protection and peace of mind.  His father introduced firearms to him as a young child in the 80s.  
Today, he shares this passion with his wife and 5 children, taking on the responsibility of being their personal protection detail. Combining his professional careers in athletic training, sports coaching, and Wildland firefighting, he has a unique combination of skill sets to provide effective firearms training from basic safety to competitive shooting; such as marksmanship and tactical races.  
His goal is to revive the family brand, 6th Internal Security, in the training space and contribute to the 2A family that continues to build its culture in both the public and private sectors.
Certifications: NRA Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer


Howard B: Instructor Pistol, Rifle
Years of experience in Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement Training. Howard volunteers to run shooting events at Desert Marksmen Rifle and Pistol Club, and for Women On Target. “You are accountable for every round that comes out of your firearm.” this is something you will hear him say. Howard makes it very clear during his events that it is not all about speed. Safety is the primary concern for the shooter as to where the bullet goes. ‘No, you can not shoot as many times as you want. Make the shot count.’ His passion for instructing has come from helping people on the range. The training he has received and that he continues to participate in makes him able to share that knowledge and put on great Defensive Pistol Shoots. 
Certifications: NRA Pistol, Rifle Instructor, Range Safety Officer


Chuck B: Instructor Pistol, Rifle
Chuck loves the outdoors. Fishing in the ocean, shooting Glock Shoots put on by Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF), or being a father helping with his kid’s sports teams. His heart is for working with youth and teaching them the safe way to fish on the ocean and handle a firearm. That includes his 7-year-old son drawing from a holster. Chuck has seen the positive effects that shooting activities have on youth. With his experience with GSSF, IDPA, or Defensive Pistol Shoots he is a great resource for teaching competition shooting.
Certification: NRA Pistol, Rifle, Chief Range Safety Officer


Ray C: Instructor Pistol, Rifle
Ray became interested in firearms as a child. He tells stories of going to the range with his father and the enjoyment they have in shooting. Now as an adult and spending time with his dad they still talk and share an interest in firearms. Ray became an NRA Pistol Instructor and focused on teaching family, friends, Women On Target, and helping with classes at C. Sparks FST. Ray has found his calling as an instructor in long-range shooting. Ray can explain MOA (Minute Of Angle) and how it works at different distances and how that works when shooting out to long range (200yds-1000yds). Have you ever wondered about 1st Focal Plane vs 2nd Focal Plane? He is the go-to guy (That Guy). Now he has created a great Beginning Long Range Course designed to fit your rifle to you. Then you start working on DOPE (Data On Previous Engagements).
Certification: NRA Pistol, Rifle Instructor, Range Safety Officer


Cody Nunez: Instructor Pistol
My passion for firearms began to develop in childhood. Growing up with a father who served in the Navy (Seabee Battalion) for 20 years and was deployed to Afghanistan ignited my curiosity for things that go “boom.” Occasional visits to my uncle’s house resulted in the burgeoning of that fascination.
One of my most cherished childhood memories was standing in front of my Uncle’s gun case and staring in awe, enchanted by his collection. My eyes would slowly scan each firearm, drinking in the mechanical details and wondering about the stories each one held. As bad as I wanted to interrogate my uncle about his wondrous collection, guns were a taboo subject for my mother. So I bit my tongue and carried my curiosity home with me where I would spend countless hours learning everything I could about them on my own.
As I got older, that passion continued to flourish. I knew that I wanted to spend my life submerged in the firearms community. This led me to pursue a career in the protection and security fields. Although the experience and knowledge that I’ve gained working in Executive Protection and Private Policing Contracts are invaluable, this lifelong passion is taking me in a new direction.
Growing in maturity allowed me to realize and appreciate how this passion for firearms has steered the course of my life and given it purpose. It’s been an absolute gift and I want to share it with others. This is what drove me to take the plunge into pursuing education in various styles of the sport, and defensive measures, and passing that knowledge on as an instructor.
Regardless if you’re new to firearms or grew up going to the range, it would be an honor to teach, learn, and grow with each other.
Certification: NRA Pistol Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense