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C. Sparks Firearms Safety Training in Palmdale, Lancaster, Antelope Valley and surrounding area. C. Sparks Firearms Safety Training Primary Purpose is to Provide an Opportunity to Acquire The Knowledge, Skills And Attitudes Necessary to Safely & Successfully Pursue an Interest in Firearms, Learn Safe Handling & Storage, Learn Proper Firearm Skills, Learn Home Invasion Safety, From Novice to Expert, Use Your Firearm or Our Loaner, Learn What’s The Best Firearm For You Classroom Study & Range Practice. We’re Proud Members of the NRA (National Rifle Association) and USCCA (United State Concealed Carry Association)- Your Membership is Not Required But Available thru us! Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and Range Safety Officer Training and much more in Palmdale, Lancaster, the Antelope Valley, and surrounding area. NRA Certified Firearm & Pistol Instructors and USCCA Instructors. We have trainers with different disciplines and expertise in many fields. We can meet your needs.